Monday, January 21, 2013

The Miss New York USA 2013 Pageant!

"You want it. Go get it. Period."

This is a quote from the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. Will Smith's character says this line to his son during a moment of self doubt. There is something about this quote that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. It's simple. It's direct. It's confident. I like to think that I go after things in such a way. Which is exactly what I did during the Miss NY USA 2013 pageant this past weekend.

I competed, along with about 120 other girls in swimsuit, evening gown, and interview. My pageant preparation began 8 months ago. During that time, I went to the gym religiously, shopped around for wardrobe, had my friends ask me the most ridiculous interview questions they could think of, volunteered my time with The All Stars Project (which I will probably blog about a lot in the future), and studied current and previous state titleholders. I was in it to win it.

It's amazing what happened to me during that 8 month journey. I became focused, truly focused on one thing. I had something to work towards. I could visualize myself on that stage, feeling so confident and beautiful. Then came progress. I starting seeing results from the gym. I actually enjoyed running. I felt stronger, more fit, and gorgeous than ever. This focus on myself really made me look inside and examine my strengths and weaknesses. And I discovered that I really liked myself. For the first time in my life I was in love with myself, and it's the best relationship I've ever had. 

This past weekend was really a test of my self confidence and self love. There were so many beautiful unique girls vying for the same title. It would have been so easy to start doubting my worth and undue all my hard work. But I just decided to stay positive and continue on with my plan. Like I always say, fake it 'til you make it. 

I left it all out on the stage that weekend. The best feeling is being able to say, I have no regrets. I showed the judges exactly who I am. I'm a theatre girl, with sass. I have a fit legs that carry me up to my fifth floor walk up. I like to entertain and make people laugh. I laugh at myself. 

I am so humbled to be Miss New York USA 2013. New York is full of girls with so many different backgrounds, struggles, stories, and dreams. I am honored to represent the New York woman and ready to bring the Miss USA crown back to this kick ass state!

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