Friday, January 25, 2013

From Pouring Red Wine, to Walking Red Carpets

Oh the beloved day job. How we all, at times, loathe thee. When I first moved to the city to pursue a career in acting, I knew I would need a job with a steady paycheck. And while, I knew my talents were worth big pay checks, it often takes others in the industry a while to come around. I had waited tables in the past and knew I was good at it. The flexible schedule made it the ideal "day job."

For the past 2+ years, I have worked for a great restaurant group. What sets my job apart from others is that we don't view our work as service. We work in the hospitality industry. We go above and beyond to accommodate our guests. We always like to answer with a yes, we keep a positive mental attitude, and we rely on our teammates to help create a great shift. It's amazing how these values seem so easy, and yet can be so hard at times. It's not uncommon to feel unappreciated and of lesser value than those you are serving. I remember after one particularly busy and mentally tiring shift, I told a coworker, "I just don't like when people ask me for stuff." But much like everyday life, when faced with difficult people or situations, one must persevere and move forward.

There are certain things I enjoy about waiting tables/bartending. I like quick paced active jobs. They make the time fly by. I love talking to people! It's especially nice when you develop your own set of "regulars." I like the idea of hosting and entertaining. Sometimes, I pretend I am throwing a party, and everyone who comes into the restaurant are my own personal guests whom I want to make feel at home. A little over the top, I know, but it gets me through the shift.

When I get down about not booking a role I auditioned for, or having to work on weekends and holidays, I just remind myself, 'this is not permanent.' One day I will be so far removed from pouring wine and shaking martinis, that I will look back on these moments and laugh. I must really try to enjoy these times more. You create the life you want, but you can only live in the present, and we must honor our day jobs. This job allows me to live and thrive in New York.

Jack, Leigh, me, and Amy-Louise
So even though I walked my first red carpet last night, I must still offer ketchup and spicy mayonnaise with an order of french fries. At least for the time being. Because I chose to live in the sexiest city in the world, and boy, she doesn't come cheap.

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